Hair-Care and Skin-Care Products Are Going Dry

Manufacturers, spurred in part by sustainability concerns, are removing the water in shampoos and lotions, and selling them as powders

Shampoos and shower gels contain up to 95% water. A lot of other products also are mostly water. But consumers and manufacturers are rethinking that. Shawn Michael Jones for The Wall Street Journal

Anyone who has strolled the hair- and skin-care aisles of their local drugstore knows there are a bewildering array of products. One colorful bottle after another promises to make you look, feel and smell terrific. Despite the various brands and patent-protected formulas, one thing they all tend to have in common is the first ingredient: water.

In fact, shampoos and shower gels contain up to 95% water. Lotions aren’t far behind with up to 90% water, and creams can have 60% to 80% water.

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