FAA to Keep Tight Watch on Boeing Employees Who Represent Regulators

Agency grants three-year renewal of regulatory authority, rejecting Boeing’s request for a more typical five-year extension

Boeing’s two 737 MAX 8 crashes and the investigation that followed ruined not just the aircraft manufacturer’s reputation but also its bottomline. WSJ’s aviation reporters break down how the scandal unfolded and explain what the flying public can expect in the future. Photo: Gary He/EPA-EFE

The Federal Aviation Administration said it rejected a Boeing request for the company to perform certain regulatory tasks on its own for the standard five-year period, keeping the U.S. aerospace giant under closer government scrutiny.

The FAA said it would allow Boeing employees to perform certain regulatory work on their own for three more years, but the agency declined to grant a five-year extension as the agency seeks various improvements at the company during the shorter time frame. Boeing’s authority to perform certain tasks on behalf of the FAA was set to expire on Tuesday.

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